How often are puppies available?

There are approximately a dozen breeders in Victoria so unless these breeders breed every year there are some times of the year that puppies are not available. There is no set time of year that this happens.

How much does a puppy cost?

The cost of a puppy is determined by the individual Breeders, the current price range may vary between $3000 to $5000

What is the difference between a show quality pup and a pet quality pup?

The difference between Pet and Show quality is determined by each breeder. It usually involves something cosmetically incorrect. ie Ridge has more than two crowns or is offset at crowns, too much white on chest or feet, mouth does not have correct scissor bite, dog will be too big or too small in terms of breed standard. These are just some of the reasons, there are many more.

If you are buying a pet ask the breeder why the puppy is being sold as a pet and get them to explain how this may affect the dog.

How much will my puppy eat?

Information about feeding, should be provided by the breeder at the time of purchase - it is always wise to keep feeding the same food as the breeder has been and slowly change them to your preferred food type.

Should I teach my puppy obedience?

Obedience- it is recommended that all dogs attend Obedience school so that they can be socialised with other dogs and learn basic obedience skills. We recommend the school closest to where you live so that you are more likely to attend on a regular basis. You can start when your dog has had all their vaccinations.

What is a dermoid sinus?

Dermoid Sinus- condition similar to spina bifida in Humans the Puppy is born with the condition but shows no pain or symptoms. This condition is not visible and has to be felt for by the breeder under the skin. They are looking for a thin cord connecting the outside of the coat to the spine. The only way to remove a sinus is surgically and involves cutting away entire area to ensure no regrowth. If the sinus is not removed it can become infected. Our code advises these puppies to be put down by the vet


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