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This Club was formed on Tuesday the 13th of August, 1985, by a meeting of some eighty interested persons. At this meeting our first Committee was selected for one year, with subsequent elections to be held at an Annual General Meeting, in each October. Since inauguration, the Club has become affiliated with the Victorian Canine Association and incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act.

The Club was formed to act as a forum for owners of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and for those interested in the breed to promote and improve the breed. We provide a number of services for our members and the most important means of communication with them is the bi-monthly newsletter, to which many contribute.

Our activities since inauguration have been many and varied, and members regularly get together for social events, fun days, lure coursing days, Members competitions and shows. General Meetings are held three times a year and often guest speekers are invited along to talk on subjects near and dear to a dog lovers heart. Show handling lessons are a regular introduction to our Members competitions and an obedience demonstration has been successfully carried out, as the beginning of a greater obedience involvement.

This Club has become actively involved in many dog related activities. It has set up a tattooing scheme to aid in the fast, safe return of lost pets, and has started a rescue service to re-house lost or abandoned Rhodesian Ridgebacks found in pounds etc. We have formed a genetic diseases sub-committee to look into genetic problems affecting our breed, with a hope to minimising them in the future. We collect and collate breed records and run an informative breed information service and contribute to worthy charities.

Whilst many of our members are also members of the Victorian Canine Association and some are breeders, the main role of the Rhodesian Ridgeback in our society is, and always will be, as the family pet. We therefore hope to see as many owners of pet Ridgebacks join, contribute to, and play an active role in our Club.


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Club Secretary: Barb McVilly

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