Champ Show 2019



Ms Lisa Hoffman  - Countyline USA

Some of the wonderful things that I observed with the Australian dogs was, great bone and substance and wonderful temperaments.  There may have only been 1 or 2 who shied away.  

When I am Judging I am looking for that dog who covers ground effortlessly and can cover ground without wearing out.  To do what they were bred to do and go all day!  Some things that I observed that would be things that would stop them from doing that, there were several dogs that were breaking at the pasterns, I don’t mind toeing in but breaking at the pasterns in my eyes are a major fault and lends to weak structure.  I also found several dogs that were heavy loaded in the front and pounded when they moved.  A heavy front also lends itself to wearing out.  It is always balance front and rear!

Thank you for the opportunity to Judge your lovely Ridgebacks, I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!

Baby Puppy Dog

1.            Kinshasa Lonesome Warrior (Kinshasa Kennels)

My first place Baby Puppy was very well behaved, beautiful coming, going and side gait. Nice bone and substance and lay back of shoulder.

2.            Shelridge Croc Dundee (Mrs D Redman)

My second place Baby Puppy was also very nice, with beautiful colour and beautiful head, and nice bone and substance.

3.            Mzilakazi Dark Sideofthe Moon (Mr G & Mrs L Fairhall)

And my third place Baby Puppy, he just needs training, he was very pretty, but I couldn’t see his movement like I wanted to.


Minor Puppy Dog

1.            Inyetis Memory Of Mandela (AI) (Ms Tuuli Viitamaa)

My Minor Puppy Dog had beautiful side gait, bone and substance, and correct coming and going

2.            Juzrival Didit For The Nookie (Barter & Fletcher)

My second place Minor Puppy I would want a little more lay back of shoulder and a more masculine head.


Junior Dog

1.            Marandela Wot Happens In Vegas (Karen Spark)

My first place dog has beautiful lay back , pretty  movement, nice bone and substance and a pretty head.

2.            Ch Juzrival Been There Dunit (Barter & Fletcher)

My second place dog had beautiful side gait, I would like a little more layback of shoulder,

3.            Lionslea Sword Of Ronin (Ms P Batten)

My third place dog was pretty on the side gait, but I would also like more layback of shoulder for the coming and going.

4.            Otesha Hondo (Miss M Howell)

My fourth place dog was very sweet, and I think with training would be a nice puppy.

5.            Matalko Back In The Game (K & J Allen, M Boyle)

My fifth place dog – I would like a little more weight on him, he has nice layback of shoulder.


Intermediate Dog

1.            Amashutu Guardians Ofthe Galaxc (Miss L & Mrs B McVilly)

My first place dog is a pretty mover when he wants to do it, and he seems balance front and rear.

2.            Ch Caprivi Run The Gauntlet (Miss Chery Currie)

My second place dog is very pretty on the side gait, he has a lot of substance and bone.

3.            Schlau Realta Shruikan (Margaret Sung)

My third place dog perfect coming and going and sidegait,  I would just like to see more size.

4.            Otesha Rutendo (M Howell)

My fourth place dog has really pretty sidegait, when he’s behaving


Australian Bred Dog

1.            Ch Chilolo Chn Cool Joe Cool (Rosemary Green)

My first place dog beautiful bone and substance, beautiful movement coming, going and sidegait. Pretty head.

2.            Ch Isilwane Hunwick Hallam (Lisa Barrenger)

My second place dog beautiful movement and very correct, just would like a little more size and substance on him – I don’t know how old he is.

3.            Ch Macumazahn High Voltage (Mrs P Edgar)

My veteran dog – beautiful movement, I love these veterans.

4.            Usakose Halo Or Horns (AI) (Ms S Miles & Mrs S Taylor)

My fourth place dog, pretty mover also but I would like a little longer ridge.

5              Ujamaa The Third Man (Vicki Moritz)

My fifth place dog, a veteran also, very pretty sidegait.


Open Dog

1.            Sup Ch Nambala Acopie ET (Imp NZ) (G & B Stanyon, R Janes)

First place dog, effortless movement, nice structure, balanced, pretty head.

2.            Sup Ch Caprivi Im Chuck Bass (Miss Cheryl Currie)

My number two dog – it was a very close second, it came down to very tiny differences.

3.            Ch Jelany Red Nikaya For Chilolo (Imp Rus) (Rosemary Green)

My third place dog also close, he has a lot of substance, but he moves light on his feet around the ring, a pretty dog.

4.            Ch Chilolo Mbi Coopers On Sunday (Mr A Ferguson & Miss R Green)

My fourth place dog, beautiful mover coming and going and sidegait.

5.            Ch Macumazahn Playdit To The Beat (Mrs P Edgar)

My fifth place dog, also beautiful mover, I could tell that he’s a veteran but he’s still doing it.



My challenge winner (Junior)  has beautiful structure and movement, side gait, coming and going. Pretty head.

Very balanced.  I had a very hard time.  And the Reserve Dog (Open) the same thing.  Both beautiful dogs.


Baby Puppy Bitch

1.            Shelridge Star Of Africa (Mrs D Redman)

My first place puppy, beautiful structure and movement, a really pretty puppy.

2.            Magombe Viva Las Vegas (Mrs K Lewis)

Second puppy very similar, both have beautiful sidegait.

3.            Kohlridge Queen Of The Yukon (Mr G Kohler)

The third place puppy is also a pretty puppy

All the puppies are very nice, there’s just a few that aren’t trained…yet, which is understandable.


Minor Puppy Bitch

They were all very nice movers

1.            Rijstone Wyndrunhrs Rubys Gift (AI) (M & V Stoneham)

My first place was very balanced and when she wanted to move she moved nicely.          

2.            Isilwane Quatervois (Lisa Barrenger)

Same thing with my second place pup, also a nice mover, when they want to behave and move correctly

3.            Nkalakatha Getoor Esmeralda (Dr C Macdougall & J Horsfield)

My third place…….they’re all very similar in structure and movement, and I liked her a lot but she was giving us a hard time too.


Puppy Bitch

All bitches moved very nicely.

1.            Nkalakatha Pridepred Georgiana (Dr C Macdougall & J Horsfield)

My first place bitch has nice bone and substance and beautiful side gait. And a pretty head.

2.            Veldthund Disco Savanna (CI & JM Stone)

Second place is also a beautiful mover, a little lighter on substance.

3.            Rijstone Wyndrunhrs Promise At Caprivi

The third place bitch is also very pretty.  All four of them moved beautifully, it’s a tough call.


Junior Bitch

1.            Rijstone Little Miss Sparkle (M & V Stoneham)

My first place winner in Junior bitch has beautiful movement, effortless.

2.            Usakose Cant Getu Outofmy Mind (Lynn Presnell)

As well my second place bitch, my second place bitch has nice bone and substance and layback of shoulder.

3.            Matalko Reality Bites (K & J Allen, M Boyle)

My third place bitch was also a very nice mover.

My fourth and fifth place were also very nice movers. It’s just a matter of splitting hairs as far as bone substance, layback of shoulder, what you’re willing to accept and not, and trying to get it all in one dog.


Intermediate Bitch

1.            Ch Etosha Freyja Of The Asgard (Ms A Lane)

I love my winner, she’s balanced, beautiful mover, pretty head.

2.            Otesha Kikisa (Nicole Patterson)

My second place is also a beautiful mover, and nice balance front and rear.

3.            Ch Chilolo BD Hollywood Gold (AI)

Same thing would be for my third place bitch. It’s just always little tiny things.


Australian Bred Bitch

1.            Mzilakazi Celtic Spellcaster (Mr G & Mrs L Fairhall)

My first place bitch is very balanced, and a pretty mover when she behaves. Pretty head. Pretty livernose.

2.            Ch Kushika Break The Ice (Ms Tuuli Vitamaa)

My second place is also a beautiful mover, this class was beautiful, I had a hard time.

3.            Kipsigis Shotishika (Gerry Jane)

My third place the same thing, she’s older and it has got quite warm. She’s also a lovely bitch.


Open Bitch

1.            Ujamaa Dolce Gabbana (AI) (K & J Allen, M Boyle)

My winner is a light wheaten bitch, with a beautiful black mask, very balanced, beautiful mover. Nice bone and substance.

2.            Ch Ch

My second place also a very nice mover, correct coming and going, effortless.

3.            Ch Mzilakazi Delta Dawn (Mr G & Mrs L Fairhall)

As well my third place bitch was also a beautiful mover.



My challenge bitch is a light wheaten bitch, balanced, beautiful bone and substance, everything flows.  My reserve bitch was also very elegant on the move and she didn’t wear out.


My Best In Show winner is a 16 month old dog who is just beautiful. Balanced front and rear, beautiful movement, beautiful head and has the potential to be something really special. My Runner Up Best In Show is a beautiful light wheaten bitch with a black mask, who just covers ground effortlessly.



BIS – Ch Ozrhode Sexy And I Know It

RUBIS – Kapama Run Tana Run


Best Headed Dog –

Best Gaited Dog – Sup Ch Nambala Acopie ET (Imp NZ)

Best Ridge Dog -

Best Headed Bitch – Ujamaa Winx (AI)

Best Gaited Bitch - Veldthund Disco Savanna

Best Ridge Bitch - Ch. Nkalakatha Pridepred Georgiana

Best Ridge Overall

Sire & Progeny – Sup Ch Nambala Acopie ET (Imp NZ)

Dam & Progeny – Amashutu The Avenger

Best Brown Nose – Ch Isilwane Hunwick Hallam

Best Brace  - Ch Macumazahn High Voltage/Ch Macumazahn Playdit To The Beat

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