Champ Show 2018



Baby Puppy Dog

1st   Matalko Talk is Cheap

Confident young 3-month-old boy. Pleasant head into elegant neck. Strong front into well ribbed  body. Good bone. Moved with purpose.

2nd  Matalko Back in the Game

Another nice young dog. Similar type to the First Dog. Well put together.


3rd  Lionslea Sword of Ronin

Well balanced young brown nose dog. Good head into well laid back shoulders. Well ribbed.  Just not as confident as the first two dogs but he is only young.



Minor Puppy Dog

1st Otesha Rutendo

Well balanced red wheaten dog. Good head and neck into correct front. Young body into balanced rear. Moved well.

2nd  Otesha Kellan.

Similar type to the first dog. Good topline into strong rear. Good second thigh and turn of stifle. Would prefer a deeper chest but may come with age.

3rd Schlau Realta Shruikan

Young male at that awkward growing stage. Clean head into good neck. Good deep chest into strong rear. Didn’t carry topline as well as the first two dogs.


Junior Dog.

1st Shakuru in Your Dreams.

Strong masculine dog. Well boned with deep chest that is well ribbed back.  Good second thigh. Moved well.

2nd  Amashutu Guardians of the Galxc.

Young Red Wheaten dog. Strong head and neck into correct front. Short loin into steep croup.

3rd   Rijstone My Brothers Keeper.

Solid young dog who was very nervous in the ring unfortunately making it hard to do anything with this boy.


Intermediate Dog

1st  Ch Jazafira Cockeyed Optimist.

Young well boned male. Correct head into strong neck and front. Good rear. Would prefer shorter coupling.


Aust Bred Dog

1st   Ch Etosha Utau of the Asgard.

My Challenge Dog and RU Best in show. Strong powerful dog that moved with purpose. Masculine head flowing into strong neck with well laid back shoulders. Well boned and good deep chest that ribs well back. Strong second thigh with good moderate turn of stifle. Well balanced and carried topline well.

2nd  Ujamaa Max Mara.

Well balanced dog that moved well. Good head into elegent neck and strong front. Well ribbed back into good rear.

3rd   Ch Shakura Beat It

Another quality dog. Good head into strong neck and correct front. Good bone and ribbing. Correct rear and moved well.


Open Dog

1st  Sup Ch Nambala Acopie ET

My Reserve Challenge dog. Strong upstanding dog. Well balanced and moved well. Good head into strong neck and correct front. Deep chest and well ribbed. Good second thigh and rear angulation.

2nd  Macumazahn Playdit to the Beat.

Older well balanced dog who moved well. Correct bone. Well-constructed dog. Covered ground well.

3rd   Ch Chilolo Mbi Coopers on Sunday.

Older light Wheaten Dog. Good head into strong neck. A little upright in front. Good deep chest and well ribbed back. Good strong rear.


Baby Puppy Bitch.

Very competitive young class

1st  Matalko Sorry Not Sorry.

Very feminine young bitch. Well balanced and looked confident on the move. Good head/neck into correct front. Well ribbed to strong loin and balanced rear.

2nd   Matalko Reality Bites.

Another good young bitch. Pleasant to the eye. Well balanced and moved confidently. Good bone.

3rd   Otesha Nakala

Happy well balanced bitch. Correct head. Good bone and  good straight topline.


Minor Puppy Bitch

1st  Otesha Kya

Elegant young bitch. Pleasant head. Balanced bitch who moved well. Prefer deeper chest but she is at the awkward stage.

2nd Mzilakazi Celtic Mystery.

Well boned young bitch. Pleasant head into good neck. A little straight in front.

3rd  Mzilakazi Celtic Spellcaster.

Sister to the 2nd bitch. Good dark eye, well-muscled. Again, a little straight in front.


Puppy Bitch

1st  Ujamaa Winx

Good well balanced bitch. Correct head into elegant neck. Well boned strong front and well ribbed back. Good second thigh and moved well.

2nd  Etosha Freyja of the Asgard.

Strong bitch. Good head planes into good neck. Well-muscled front. Strong second thigh and good turn of stifle.


Junior Bitch

1st   Otesha Kikisa

My Best in Show. This moderate feminine bitch showed the balance that would be required to run all day. Good head into elegant long clean neck. Strong front into good chest. Well ribbed back into strong loin. Level topline. Good second thigh, turn of stifle and hocks. Moved true.

2nd Taiping Some like it Hot

Balanced bitch. Very pleasing feminie head. Good clean neck. Good second thigh. Prefer stronger topline.

3rd   Ingwe Trick or Treat.

Well-muscled bitch. Good topline. A little nervous in ring.  Moved true.


Intermediate Bitch

1st   Ch Isilwane the Mindy Project.

Good honest bitch. Balanced and carried topline well. Elegant head, strong loin into moderate rear.

2nd  Ch Sahwira Sanaa

Another balanced bitch. Well-muscled and good bone. Would prefer a stronger topline.

3rd Ch Otesha Ashanti

Moderate bitch. Pleasant head. Good bone. Again prefer stronger topline.


Australian Bred Bitch

1st  Otesha Almasi

Red Wheaten Bitch. Feminine head into good clean neck. Well ribbed and strong loin. Moved true.

2nd    Ch Huntingridge Rather B Rabbitin

Balanced bitch. Pleasing feminine head. Good muscle and moved with purpose.

3rd   Rijstone Sumer Breeze

Red Wheaten Bitch. Good head. Well-muscled strong topline. Moved true.


Open Bitch

1st   Ch Shakuru Here I Go Again

My Reserve Challenge Bitch.

Pleasing feminine bitch. Good head into long neck and strong correct front. Good depth of chest and well-ribbed back. Strong loin and carries topline well. Moved out with purpose.

2nd Ch Otesha Johari

Red wheaten bitch. Balanced well boned bitch. Correct head into neck and front. Good depth of chest and moved true covering good ground.

3rd   Ch Camelot’s the Beat Goes on at Isilwane

Good honest bitch. Pleasing head. Moved well carrying level topline.



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