Champ Show 2010


28th March 2010


Judge: Di Brennan

Breed Entry 102


Gr Ch Caprivi Witching Hour


Gr Ch Mieridge Gatsbys Aplawz (AI)


Gr Ch Mieridge Gatsbys Aplawz (AI)


Gr Ch Caprivi Witching Hour


Ch Isilwane Powderfinger


Gr Ch Isilwane Orlando


Isilwane Keeper of the Flame


Mikozi Gracious Villain


Caprivi Like it Like That


Mzilakazi Ivegota Secret


Kinshasa Bronzed Aussie


Ujamaa Beez Neez (AI)


Kushika Secret Intention


Otesha Shetani


Ch Dinizulu Mtoti


Kipsigis Tangaa


Kipsigis Kimani


Ch Isilwane Casablanca


Gr Ch Caprivi Witching Hour


Gr Ch Mieridge Gatsbys Aplawz (AI)


Ch Mikozi High Calibre


Ch Kushika Tirari Sapphire


Ch Isilwane Powderfinger


Gr Ch Isilwane Orlando


Mzilakazi Celtic Heathen (AI)


Ch Caprivi By Patent (AI)


Ch Caprivi By Patent (AI)


Ch Ingwe Mountain High (AI)


Gr Ch Isilwane Camelot's The Fifth Element ET (Imp USA)


Kushika Secret Intention/Dual Ch (T)
Gr Ch Bartess Wild Triumph ET TSD


Ingwe High Flyer


Caprivi Kennels


L Barrenger

Obedience - Judge: - - - - - - - -


Zimba Diesel - C Newhouse


Bartess Wild Storm CDX - T Ryan


Kipsigis Yoti CCD - G Jane


Zimba Diesel (qualified) - C Newhouse


Kipsigis Majua - E Lewindon


Congratulations to all winners




My sincere thanks to all concerned for the invitation to judge which was a most enjoyable experience. Congratulations to the Committee, show manager, members, my steward and to those behind the scenes for a well run show.

I was pleasantly surprised at the entry and overwhelmed with the baby bitch class. If these youngsters continue to grow on soundly then the breed has a good grounding. I have not shown in Victoria for 6 years so the majority of the exhibits I have never sighted before. It was a pleasure and rewarding experience to handle so many quality ridgebacks.

Di Brennan (HuntingRidge Rhodesian Ridgebacks)


** Best in Class in Show


BABY PUPPY DOG: 7 entered (1 absent)

1st No 5. Mikozi Gracious Villain - V Macgill 
Lovely breed type, attractive puppy, very pleasing head with dark eye, good underjaw. Good front with straight legs standing on good feet, excellent topline and ribbing. Angulation front and rear well balanced. Good temperament. Moved out well for a baby, shown in beautiful condition, promising baby.

2nd No 1. Isilwane State of the Union - L Barrenger 
Good prosternum on this sound puppy with balanced angulation in the front and hind quarters. Lovely bone, straight legs with correct lay of pastern. Pleasing head followed by good length of neck. Excellent movement for a youngster holding a good topline. Very close decision between 1st place, just preferred the croup of the other puppy on the day. Pleasing youngster.

3rd No 4. Kipsigis KZ Kazi - G Jane 
Nice strong puppy with an attractive headpiece, good underjaw, lovely dark round eye. Excellent feet. Graceful neck. Would prefer a little more prosternum. Good strong hindquarters with correct angles.

4th No 3. Kipsigis KZ Chege - G Jane 
Would like a slightly stronger underjaw.


MINOR PUPPY DOG: 3 entered

1st No 8. Caprivi Like it Like That - Caprivi Kennels ** 
Very attractive well grown sound puppy, strong bone and beautifully balanced. Good prosternum, depth of chest & ribbing with correct elbow placement. Very pleasing head with a kind expression. correct bite. Excellent neck with a good transition into the shoulders, strong topline & hindquarters. Good ridge. The puppy moved true fore and aft. Well handled.

2nd No 9. Dinizulu Riski Bizness - Dinizulu Kennels 
Another well balanced youngster of good breed type. Lovely dark eye with correct ear set framing a pleasant head. Beautiful crested neck flowing into a level topline and strong hindquarters. Moved well.

2nd No 9. Dinizulu Riski Bizness - Dinizulu Kennels 
Another well balanced youngster of good breed type. Lovely dark eye with correct ear set framing a pleasant head. Beautiful crested neck flowing into a level topline and strong hindquarters. Moved well.

3rd No 10. Kinghunta Against All Odds - S Livesley 
Red wheaten 7.5 month old boy, pleasing head, good length of neck. Nice bone. Held a good topline on the move just needs to settle down in his movement which will come with age. Good turn of stifle.


PUPPY DOG: 1 entered

1st No 11. Kinshasa Bronzed Aussie - Kinshasa Kennels ** 
A handsome strong youngster of good breed type. Great front assembly with excellent depth of chest and ribbing supported with a good topline and sound hindquarters. Nice crested neck. Good reach and drive tended to flip his front feet occasionally but will grow out of this. A very attractive head with dark eye, good depth of muzzle and strong underjaw. A promising young dog.


JUNIOR DOG: 6 entered (2 absent)

1st No 13. Kushika Secret Intention - P Bartolozzi & D Stebbings ** 
An elegant dog with an attractive head, good strong underjaw, correct bite. Excellent length of neck, good front and feet, legs straight. Nicely balanced with moderate angulation, good hindquarters, well muscled. Good ridge. I liked the overall graceful picture of this boy when gaiting.

2nd No 16. Ingwe Sparks Fly High - S Zerafa & L King 
A moderate dog of good breed type, pleasing head. Wonderful prosternum coupled with good depth & length of ribbing. Strong loin & topline. Well muscled. Moved out well.

3rd No 15. Otesha Mwamba - M Howell 
Red wheaten moderate boy with a lovely dark eye and good expression, strong underjaw. Excellent feet and correct depth of chest. Strong level topline. Croup a little steep. Moved with good drive.



1st No 20. Kipsigis Tangaa - G Jane 
Correct size athletic dog of good breed type. Well balanced front and rear. Straight legs. Good length of neck into a level topline and strong loin. Well muscled. An economical gait, moved true.

2nd No 19. Ch Ingwe Mountain High (AI) - Ingwe Kennels 
A beautiful moving dog with good reach and drive. Straight legs with good feet. Correct scissor bite good strong underjaw. Would prefer a little more stop. Upstanding & nicely balanced with angulation complimenting his front and rear. Liked his front assembly.

3rd No 23. Sahwira Bakari - K Young 
A moderate compact boy with a pleasing expression. He displays a powerful well muscled dog with good reach and drive, level topline, good tailset. Correct depth of chest, clean undercarriage, strong hind quarters.



1st No 24. Kipsigis Kimani - G Jane ** 
Good breed type. I like the proportions of this dog. Upstanding and well balanced. Beautifully angulated front and rear. Good length of neck and transition into well laid shoulders, level topline, strong hindquarters, correct croup and tail set. Pleasant head an expression. Easy fluid gait.

2nd No 31. Dinizulu Choma - Dinizulu Kennels 
A 7 year old dog in excellent condition. A very pleasant head with dark round eyes and wonderful expression. Good prosternum, straight legs, excellent feet. Would like to see the elbows closer to the ribcage. Good width in hindquarters, rear angulation matching good turn of stifle. Moved around the ring with ease. Well handled.

3rd. No 26. Ch Starridge Point Taken (AI) - L Lewis 
Red wheaten moderate dog, pleasing strong head with good underjaw. Good prosternum with correct depth of chest. Very good feet with correct lay of pastern and straight legs. Level topline, croup a little steep. Strong hindquarters, moved well. Good strong bone compliments his build.


OPEN DOG: - 9 entered - strong class of quality mature dogs

1st No 27. Gr Ch Mieridge Gatsbys Aplawz (AI) - S & K Allan 
Tall, sound, handsome, well balanced dog with great breed type. Pleasing head, neck clean with good length blends into a well made front assembly, well ribbed back, strong topline & hindquarters. Excellent feet. Good ridge. Moved true and aft, fluid gait. Pleasing outline on the stack and whilst moving. Well handled.

2nd No 28. Ch Isilwane Powderfinger - L Barrenger 
Quality, strong dog, well balanced. Dark eye, good depth of muzzle and strong underjaw. Nice transition from a well arched neck into the shoulders. Straight legs & good feet. Great front with excellent depth of chest, elbows tight. Strong over the loin. Tended to fall away a little over the croup on the stack. Well muscled with good second thigh. Good angulation front and rear which transformed into great reach and drive with little effort. It was a pleasure to watch this dog move.

3rd No 29. Dual Ch (T) Gr Ch Bartess Wild Triumph ET TSD - P Bartolozzi & D Stebbings 
A 9.5 year old dog in great condition for his age. He represents a fit well balanced elegant dog, good angles fore and aft. Beautiful head planes in this handsome boy, good neck, level back. Correct balance in angulation front and rear. Moved out well covering the ground with ease. Excellent temperament.

4th No 36. Ch Mikozi High Calibre - V Macgill 
Moderate red wheaten well balanced boy. Great head with lovely dark eye, good strong underjaw. Tight feet. Good topline and depth of chest accompanied with correct ribbing and tail set. Well muscled with excellent second thigh. Ran a little wide behind but displayed good reach and drive in profile.


BABY PUPPY BITCH: 18 entered (1 absent) - One of the most difficult classes to judge with so many promising sound youngsters.

1st No 39. Isilwane Keeper of the Flame - L Barrenger ** 
Lovely little liver baby with good bone, beautifully angulated front and rear without being overdone. Excellent lay of shoulder, tight feet, short hocks. Good topline which was held on the move. Super gait on this baby. Amber eye harmonising with coat colour. Nice temperament. Very sound promising baby.

2nd No 45. Kipsigis KZ Kisia - G Jane 
Good breed type, well constructed. Pleasing head with dark eye, elegant neck. Nice prosternum, good lay of shoulders and level topline. Feet well arched. Good ridge. Moved very well for a baby. A sound youngster.

3rd No 40. Caprivi Endless Gossip - Caprivi Kennels 
Striking red wheaten baby in excellent condition. Outstanding baby on the stack with a clean outline. Very attractive head with round dark eyes. Excellent planes. Straight legs with good feet. Level topline and excellent ribbing. Hind quarters well angulated. I would prefer a little more balance between the front and rear angulation. Moved true fore and aft. Bright future.

4th No 430. Mikozi Gracious Me (AI) - Ingwe Kennels 
Another nice puppy of good breed type. Pleasant head with nice expression, good ear set. Feet could be a little tighter but this may be due to teething. Clean elegant neck, level topline. Nicely balance puppy with good angulation in the front & hind quarters, correct tailset. Moved well.

5th No 46. Kushika Tenyere Tempest - Kushika Kennels 
Stunning puppy on the stack, beautiful headpiece, good depth of muzzle and correct stop. Lovely transition from neck into shoulders, good depth of chest. Toes well arched. Good angulation & width in hindquarters, short hocks. A little steep in croup but overall an elegant sound puppy. Moved with good drive.

6th No 42. Ingwe Spring into Trouble - Ingwe Kennels 
Another with good breed type, good straight legs, feet could be tighter but probably due to teething. Good prosternum with lovely depth of chest. Nice length of neck and topline with correct tailset. Hind quarters strong and well anugulated.

7th No 38. Isilwane Iron Petticoat - L Barrenger 
Livernose pup with wonderful pigment and beautiful head with correct planes, good earset. Good length of neck flowing into a strong topline. Good bone. Well balanced pup displaying good angulation in front and rear. Moved well when she settled down.



1st No 55. Mzilakazi Ivegota Secret - G & L Fairhall 
Good breed type, pleasant head, dark eye. Good bone with matching substance. Beautiful front, excellent feet, elbows fitted well. Good depth of chest. Neck flows into a strong topline. Angulation compliments front and rear. True moving youngster with good reach and drive.

2nd No 57. Chioke Twilight - K Young 
An elegant 7.5 month old. Pretty girl with dark eye. Excellent length of ribbing coupled with a strong well muscled loin. Good angles in the forequarters. When moving a little high in rear but probably a growth stage.

3rd No 56 Chioke Aduke - K Young 
Red wheaten youngster, pretty head with good ear set.. Well ribbed back and good topline, strong hindquarters. Some minor mismarking but overall a nice youngster who moved well.


PUPPY BITCH: 7 entered (1 absent)

1st No 64. Ujamaa Beez Neez (AI) F Parsons 
Typical breed type, a moderate girl with good balance without any exaggeration. Ideal length of body. Lovely head and expression. Good length of neck, correct front angulation with matching rear angles, short hocks. Good ridge. A sound mover.

2nd No 59. Etosha Sadhana - Etosha Kennels 
An attractive bitch, with a good length and arch in neck, smooth transition into a good lay of shoulder. Well developed prosternum, straight legs. Good strong topline which was held on the move. Would like to have seen a little more reach. Sound hindquarters.

3rd No 61. Kinshasa Bronze Wing - Kinshasa Kennels 
A pretty dark red wheaten puppy, lovely on the stack. Good prosternum and depth of chest, well ribbed back. Straight legs and excellent feet. Firm topline, strong hindquarters. Just needs to settle down in her front when moving which will improve with age. Nice side gait.


JUNIOR BITCH: 5 entered ( 2 absent) 
1st No 65. Otesha Shetani _ M Howell
An elegant attractive red wheaten bitch. Lovely dark eye. Beautiful prosternum and depth of chest, good feet. Equal balance with front and rear angles. Hocks in slightly but moves with good reach and drive.

2nd No 66. Bartess Mountain Echo - Ingwe Kennels 
A strong sound wheaten girl, good head planes. Good neck that flows into shoulders and firm topline. Pleasing front and strong hind quarters. Moved well.

3rd No 68. Bartess Mountain Dream - J Robinson 
Another attractive girl, pleasant head with good length of muzzle, planes level. Unfortunately unsettled on the move so she did not display her full potential. I liked her type. Pleasing front and nice ribbing, a little rolled over in croup. Good feet.


INTERMEDIATE BITCH: 8 entered (1 absent)

1st No 73. Ch Dinizulu Mtoti - Dinizulu Kennels ** 
A moderate well balanced girl of good breed type. Very pleasing head. Good prosternum and depth of chest, correct hind angulation and well muscled. When she settled and kicked into gear she moved with good reach and drive.

2nd. No 77. Ch Kushika Tirari Sapphire - D Stratton 
Elegant girl. Beautiful head with excellent expression. A well arched neck flowing into the shoulders. Good depth of chest. Correct lay of pastern. Could do with a little more reach but good drive from strong hindquarters. Very good ridge.

3rd No71. Ch Caprivi By Patent (AI) 
A sound moderate red wheaten girl. Well built. Good head planes with pleasing expression. Outstanding ridge. A little thick in the neck. Stands on good feet. Good depth of chest, level topline, strong over the loin and correct croup. Fluid gait.


AUSTRALIAN BRED BITCH: 14 entered (1 absent)

1st No 91. Ch Isilwane Casablanca - L Barrenger 
A very sound moderate 6 year old girl with no exaggeration. Displaying excellent movement as if she could go all day which gave her the edge in this strong class. Good balance in front and hind quarter angulation.. Dark eye and good depth of muzzle. Good feet. Level topline.

2nd No 79. Ch Kushika Wild Dream - P Bartolozzi & D Stebbings 
A lovely well built red wheaten girl, a graceful mover with good reach and drive. Very pleasing head. Prominent breast bone with good ribbing, angulation balanced. Good feet. A fraction out at elbow. Strong topline, correct croup and tail set.

3rd No 83. Ch Ingwe Highland Fling (AI) - Ingwe Kennels 
A moderate girl with good substance and beautiful front. Elegant neck flowing into a good topline with moderate angulation complimenting her front and rear. Very good ridge. True moving bitch with good reach and drive.

4th No 88. Rijstone Rose Thorn - M & V Stoneham 
Moderate red wheaten bitch with very good prosternum standing on good feet. Very pleasant head with dark eye and good planes. Held a firm topline and moved out well. A little unsettled on the day. Good breed type.

5th No 89. Kushika Tirari Emerald TD - D Stratton 
A strong taller bitch. Pleasing head with good head planes and dark eye. Well balanced with a good length of neck and matching angulation front and rear quarters. Correct depth of chest and well ribbed back. Good ridge.


OPEN BITCH: 10 entered (1 absent) - strong class of quality bitches.

1st No 93. Gr Ch Caprivi Witching Hour - Caprivi Kennels ** 
A stunning well balanced bitch. Excellent breed type. Pretty head and dark eye, strong underjaw, correct bite. Graceful well arched neck. Excellent shoulders blending with a very good front and ribbing. Great feet, strong level topline and good hindquarters. Good ridge. Beautifully put together with an easy ground covering gait. Excellent temperament and well handled.

2nd No 92. Gr Ch Isilwane Orlando - L Barrenger 
Another top quality beautifully balanced bitch with a very clean outline on the stack and whilst moving. Excellent fluid gait with good reach and drive. A pleasing head with a well crested neck, a nice transition into well angulated shoulders and beautiful front assembly. She has good angulation without being overdone. Ridge adequate. Strong topline followed by well angulated hindquarters, nicely muscled with a well developed second thigh, good croup and tailset. Good length of body to height ratio. Excellent temperament.

3rd No 101. Ch Bartess Bold Koincidence - P Bartolozzi & D Stebbings 
A feminine bitch of good breed type. Pretty head with an elegant neck blending nicely into the shoulders. Equal balance between the front and hind quarters. Very good depth of chest. Straight legs. Good ridge. Firm topline and strong over the loin. Graceful moving bitch with good reach and drive and true out and back.

4th No 94. Etosha Anouk - Etosha Kennels 
5 yr old liver girl of good breed type, excellent pigment. Lovely arch in her neck, good front, correct depth of chest and well ribbed back. Slightly soft in the topline on the move but good reach and drive. Strong hind quarters.

5th No 95. Ch Mikozi Demerara ET - V Macgill 
Beautiful dark liver bitch complimented with an excellent dark amber eye which is often hard to find. Great pigment. Pleasant head with good planes. Very nice front and depth of chest. Balanced fore and aft. Correct tail set. Tended to flip her front occasionally but displayed good reach and drive in the side gait.

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